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As kayaking does seem to dominate the paddle sports market in our area, we admit that the demand for canoes seems to be less and less. However, just as much as that is true, it is also true that there will always be a strong market for this very versatile and time tested category of watercraft.

Canoes, like kayaks, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. Most of us are more familiar with canoes from a “kids at camp” perspective or a leisurely family outing experience. Many people are surprised to learn that there are racing canoes that leave even some of the sleeker, fancier kayaks behind in their wake!

Whether you’re looking to carry the whole family, dog(s), coolers, and camp stove or you’re taking the girl scouts or boy scouts on a weekend adventure, canoes can offer much in the way of gear carrying and team building. And as personal preference always plays a role, there are also many out there who prefer a single blade to a double blade and a kneeling position to a sitting position.

Canoes are also very popular in whitewater applications. Clubs and families taking river trips can load them down with lots of gear and enjoy a meandering river. There are many competitive whitewater paddlers who argue that their kneeling position with a single blade allows them an advantage over the kayakers. We will, of course, maintain a neutral position on that argument! (As always, pun intended.)

When choosing the appropriate canoe for your needs, you will want to consider where you are going to be using the boat, and what type of material best suits your needs.

Is weight more of a concern than durability, or would you prefer a boat that weighs a few more pounds that the kids can drag around and abuse without stressing you out?‚Ä® Plastic, Royalex, and polyethylene are ideal when durability takes precedence over weight.

Plastic boats also tend to cost a bit less, but remember, even in the plastic category, there are differences in weight vs cost. T-Formex  provides excellent durability and keeps the weight down, but will cost a little more than a heavier polyethylene canoe.

Fiberglass, kevlar, and carbon are ideal when weight is the primary concern. Some canoes can be laid up to be extremely light and therefore somewhat fragile, but remember, composite materials such as fiberglass, kevlar, and carbon are not always as fragile as you might imagine… and they can also tend to be easier to repair than plastic.

Have questions about how to choose the right canoe for your needs? Just give us a call or stop by. There are many, many factors and we are here to help!

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